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CLIMBING WALLS - As the world is so diverse and natural features come in all shapes and sizes, our rock wall PANEL SYSTEM is the perfect match to create a professional climbing wall attraction for your facility.


Maxi-Trampoline provides a range of artificial climbing wall systems we can design a wall according to your wishes and budget.

  • Mono Rock Wall Tower: 3 Ways or 4 Ways stationary Climbing Walls
  • Double Rock Wall Tower: 6 Ways or 8 Ways stationary Climbing Walls
    Stationary Rock Walls Tower are designed for permanent locations and are perfect for indoor or outdoor, sport centers, summer camps, beach or mountain resorts, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks and facilities that want a great sport attraction.
  • Great looking realistic looking ONE PIECE panel design that appeals to even the avid rock climbers
  • 3 different panel designs to choose from, with multiple colors available
  • Great customer after sales service and parts department
  • Leasing or In-House FINANCING (for UK and USA)
  • Made to fit in containers and thru standard
  • 1Year no hassle warrantee

    Over 100 square meters (340 sq feet) of climbing space
    Reduced Footprint total area once set up
    Different height available for Mono Rock Wall Tower
  • Height 7,3 Meters (24 ft)
  • Height 8,6 Meters (28 ft)
  • Height 10 Meters (32 ft)
  • Width 2,3 Meters (7.5 ft)
  • Depth 1,8 Meters (6 ft)
  • Weight 1'100 Kg (2500 lbs) - for a 7,3Meters (24 ft) mono mountain wall
    Different height available for Double Rock Wall Tower
  • Height 7,3 Meters (24 ft)
  • Height 8,6 Meters (28 ft)
  • Height 10 Meters (32 ft)
  • Width 2,3 Meters (7.5 ft)
  • Depth 3,6 Meters (12 ft)
  • Weight 2'200 Kg (5000 lbs) - for a 7,3Meters (24 ft) double mountain wall

  • 1 Hydraulic Auto Belay Station per climbing route - with redundancy for extra safety.
  • 30 Professional Handholds per route - high quality grip. (Hand holds are arranged to create different climbing wall routes of easy, medium and difficult levels, you can change easily the difficulty level in few minutes for adapting to the level of the climbers)
  • 7 harnesses - (for 4 way Mono Rock Wall Tower)
  • Handhold T-Tool (to make adjustment to the climbing wall routes)
  • Rules signs
  • Training Manual
  • 1 Horn for each route



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