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A fantastic new sport attraction ride for kids and older. People from all ages can enjoy on our new bike looping race. You can ride safely and make loops till 7 meters (23 ft) high. They've still got two wheels and pedals, but today's hottest bicycles are extremely funny and give you more sensations.


For operating with the Aero Space Bike loop, you don’t need electric power, your customer will use their human power to run the cycle bike loop race simulator. You can add an optional tachometer (turns and minutes) and organize cycling time trial, race and looping challenges. For this option you need electric power ( 110 volts or 220 volts – 16 amps) You can add music, lights and banners for your advertisement or for your sponsors

Dimensions While Driving:

  • Height 4 meters (13 ft)
  • Width 2,30 meters (7.5 ft)
  • Length 7 meters (23 ft)
  • Weight 1'800 kg ( lbs)

    Operating dimensions:
  • Height 6,30 meters (21 ft)
  • Required 6.8 meters (22 ft)
  • Width 4,30 meters (14 ft)
  • Length 7 meters (23 ft)
  • Capacity 40 persons per Hour
  • Capacity 40 persons per Hour
  • Easy Set Up time 20 minutes
  • Necessary Employees 1 person

    Color choice Easy and Low cost Maintenance



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