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The NEW Play attraction for the whole family


The success of existing installations proves that The Funball Shootair attracts the families from far away who absolutely wishes to try this new fun interactive game. It will bring families back again and again to your business. The Funball Shootairs is adaptable to all situations, at the beach or in the mountains, indoors or outdoors, summer or winter, waterparks, amusement, theme or attraction parks, outdoor Fun Centers, FEC family and recreational centers, Youth summer camps, Resorts and country clubs, zoos, carnivals, funfairs, festivals, anywhere you can imagine !


  • The Funball Shootair is made of high quality materials.
  • Electronic Security System (the cannon can fire only light weight things)
  • High quality, resistant and durable materials.
  • Water proof, UV Resistant, perfect for outdoors or indoors use.
  • Easy to maintain - Low maintenance costs.
  • No employee needed for operating.
  • Flexibility to fit any commercial surface.
  • Easy to adequate the desire quantity of canons depending on your commercial surface available and flow of customers.
  • Designed for children older than 3.
  • Optional customs designs and themed shapes available, special orders: set on trailers, themed inflatable, etc.

    Economic aspect
  • Highest per-cap turnover in amusement parks depending in the number of cannons
  • Low purchase price / low financial investment
  • Low operations costs
  • Short payback period
  • Minimal or no staff needed
  • Set up time: 20 to 40 minutes
  • High capacity customer flow

  • 2 Funball Shootair cannons
  • 4 Funball Shootair cannons
  • 6 Funball Shootair cannons
  • 8 Funball Shootair cannons
  • 10 Funball Shootair cannons For more Funball Shootair cannons or guns contact us for a special offer



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